Are You…

   • Worried that you’re spoiling your child?
   • Overwhelmed by how much stuff your child is accumulating?
   • Wondering if and when an allowance might help?

The Art of Allowance
might be the tool you need!

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Learn how to set up a monthly allowance for children and join the money-smart movement!

Just like reading, financial literacy must be introduced at a young age. You can help chart a course to youth financial responsibility via the core money-smart skills of distinguishing needs from wants , making smart money choices and saving for goals all while following age-appropriate guidelines.

You should encourage your preschool- or early elementary-aged child to use a system of allowance jars; your tween or teen can demonstrate more autonomy over his money with the help of the Breakthrough Allowance. You’ll also learn how to assign chores, invest and open savings accounts to help you and your child navigate the ins and outs of fiscal responsibility.

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I’m John Lanza. I created The Money Mammals who, for over a decade, have helped kids get excited about money-smarts. I wrote The Art of Allowance to help parents like you raise a money-smart, money-empowered kid, whether you have a toddler, third grader or teenager. Raising a money-smart child is, like life, a journey. I’ve been raising my own kids using this approach and I hope you’ll let me be your guide. Click here to download a sample chapter and get started. If you need to know a little more before you decide, click here.

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